Representing a New! Generation of extraordinary talented Film/TV Music Composers!

From Hollywood to New York and around the world, motion picture studios and film production companies have always demanded "the Best" film scoring talent. With today's high costs and high risks, studio executives and financial investment partners closely monitor the overall production expenses and music budgets for each and every project.

Getting the finest composers to score your film project at a reasonable cost does not mean that you have to sacrifice the quality of your music. We know that the moviegoer wants "to laugh", "to cry", "to be shocked", "to be amazed" and "to be entertained". Music truly plays a key element of each and every film.

We at Westwood Music Group take pride in representing the new generation of diversified and very talented composers. Located on the West and East Coasts, our composers have attracted the attention of some of today's leading cutting edge producers and directors.

Let us demonstrate to you the caliber of dedicated and talented composers that are continually being developed by our staff. Whatever your next Film or TV music scoring needs require, give us a call to discuss your music budget and the availability of our composers for your project!

Edwin Wendler | Joseph Andolino | Stephen Kaminski