Various - "Our Country Favorites" (Country)


WMG Country Favorites

Our Country Favorites -

Featured on this compilation album are New! and a few Seasoned Country songs that were recorded in Nashville, Dallas and other American cities. We picked our favorites to highlight the Cowboys and ladies that makeup a mixed blend of Country styles from a Waltz to Dance tunes to Soulful Country Blues.


MP3 1. Lucky Man - Matt Dame

MP3 2. Just A Little Time - Lisa Cappola

MP3 3. Bikinis & Tequila - Brian Clayton & The Green River Band

MP3 4. You'll Hurt Me All Over Again - Grace Broussard

MP3 5. I'm In A Hurry For Love - Greg Barnhill

MP3 6. Weekend Cowboy - Andrea Avillarr

MP3 7. Shot Of The Blues - Travis Vincent

MP3 8. Don't Give Up On Me Now - Beth Williams

MP3 9. There From The Start - Z Mac

MP3 10. Take Me Back - Renee Grace

MP3 11. Goodbye Walls - Roy Roberts

MP3 12. Driving To Hollywood - Jolie Holliday.

MP3 13. I Forever Do - Jeff Carson

MP3 14. Army of One - Donna De Sopo

MP3 15. Redneck Power - Don Morgan

MP3 16. I'm Not Done With Us - Jacey

MP3 17. Grab Life By The Horns - Ron Wallace

MP3 18. Got To Have You - Chaz Marie

MP3 19. Paying Your Dues Blues - Andy Fediw

MP3 20. Two People In Love - Jerry Sartain and Rhonda Vincent