BRYAN HANSEN BAND - "Gas Money" (Adult Alternative)


Gas Money”, is the third album release from Singer / Songwriter Bryan Hansen and his band. Following Bryan’s 2016 LP “When You Stop Pulling Back”, the follow-up record features 8 original songs. The songs are a mix of R&B, Adult Alternative and Neo Soul, driven by band members William Blakey and Cwan Merritt. Additional musicians include Matt Cook, Lou Petto and a five piece horn section. The Bryan Hansen Band recorded the tracks at Submergent Recording Studio in Middletown, NJ with engineer Pete Andrews. The album is dedicated to Hank Rosenthal and Francis L. Merritt.

MP3 Smiling Dashboard Jesus

MP3 Lilac

MP3 Beautiful

MP3 Waiting for Tomorrow

MP3 Diamonds

BRYAN HANSEN BAND - "When You Stop Pulling Back"

BRYAN HANSEN - "Brothers Among Wolves"

MP3 One More Blues

MP3 Tug of War

MP3 Dreaming Awake

MP3 Clyde

MP3 Mirror

MP3 Summers Mind

MP3 Truth In War

MP3 Weather In Jersey

MP3 When I'm Gone

MP3 Free Dinner Lament