BOBBY MESSANO - "Love & Money" (Blues / Rock)


Bobby Messano's album "Love & Money" went to No. 1 on the Billboard Blues Chart on August 8, 2015 and stayed on the charts for 5 weeks.

Bobby Messano is a legendary studio and live guitarist/singer who has released five contemporary Blues albums. His songs have been featured on "The District" (CBS) , "One Life To Live" (ABC), "The Night Shift" (NBC). Live, Bobby has played guitar and has been the music director for Steve Winwood, Lou Gramm and others.

"You will not find a better blues-rock album anywhere than "Love and Money". - AXS Entertainment

MP3 1. April Showers

MP3 2. Love & Money

MP3 3. Seasons

MP3 4. What I Got

MP3 5. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

MP3 6. Boddentown

MP3 7. Rollin' On

MP3 8. My Failed Career

MP3 9. Hard Road