KENNY DUBMAN - "Reckless Abandon" (Hard Rock)


Reckless Abandon is the first solo release from NJ native and lifelong six-stringer Kenny Dubman. Loaded with earthy, organic ‘70s influenced hard rock, Reckless Abandon will most certainly fill a gaping void in today's musical climate.
  • MP3 01 Ain't Too Late For Memphis

  • MP3 02 Devil's Brew

  • MP3 03 Angel of Mercy

  • MP3 04 Brother Against Brother

  • MP3 05 Son of a Colt 45

  • MP3 06 Wolf At The Door

  • MP3 07 Three Little Words

  • MP3 08 Little Venom

  • MP3 09 Sunset Serenade

  • MP3 10 Ghost On The Wind

  • MP3 11 After The Bomb Fell

Chris Cornell

"The passing of Chris Cornell shook me to the core; he was one of the greatest singer/songwriters rock music has ever seen. 'Off The Leash' is my homage to Chris; the song just kind of poured out of me a week after his death. The 'black dog' is a historical reference to depression that was brought into the modern lexicon by Winston Churchill...and having been there more than once myself, I know that it's no joke. RIP Chris Cornell." - Kenny Dubman