THE GRIP WEEDS - "How I Won The War" (Pop / Psychedelic Rock )


Pop / Psychedelic Rock group The Grip Weeds release their latest album "How I Won The War" on Jem Recordings.

"A touch of John Lennon, a bit of The Byrds, a dash of The Kinks, pinch of The Who, and a dollop of more muscular Zombies and you get something quite original actually. And quite cool." –Steven Van Zandt (Sirius Radio, Bruce Springsteen, Sopranos, Lilyhammer)

MP3 1. How I Won The War

MP3 2. Rise Up

MP3 3. Follow Me Blind

MP3 4. Life Saver

MP3 5. Other Side Of Your Heart

MP3 6. See Yourself

MP3 7. Vanish

MP3 8. Force Of Nature

MP3 9. Heaven And Earth

MP3 10. Over And Over

MP3 11. Rainbow Quartz

MP3 12. Lead Me To It

MP3 13. AKA Victory