AERRAGE - "NIGHTMARE" (Hard Rock/Metal)


Jersey Rock group AERRAGE was originally formed as MAD DOG in 1980 and featured Jeff Alaimo, Rich Benigno, Steven Herb, Mike Corso and Rob Pfahl. The group's classic recording of "Nightmare" in 1982 showed the Hard Rock/Metal edge of these fine musicians. In 1986, Dave Baldwin replaced Vocalist Jeff Alaimo.

MP3 1. Nightmare

MP3 2. Open Your Eyes

MP3 3. With You

MP3 4. Timeless

MP3 5. Brand New Day

MP3 6. Power of Rock

MP3 7. Secret Agent Man

MP3 8. When The Time Comes

MP3 9. I Wanna Hold You

MP3 10. Leave Me Alone / Shake The Heavens -
(Live! Recorded July 19, 1986)