Andy Fediw - "Unfinished Business" (Americana / Country)

Andy Fediw -

Andy Fediw is a New Jersey based singer/songwriter with deep roots in Americana, country and country rock. He’s been spending a lot of time in the recording studio these days either on his own projects or with his band Kinderhook.

Andy has found himself in excellent company throughout his career. He and his group Kinderhook have shared stages with Jefferson Starship, Harry Chapin, Poco, Orleans, Conway Twitty, Alabama, The Band, The Outlaws, Joan Jett and Chick Corea. It is a list as diverse as his classical, rock and country roots.

Unfinished Business is what he has a lot of and with the help of some serious musician friends he's been making progress.

MP3 1. If I Knew
MP3 2. This Road
MP3 3. From Here To There
MP3 4. What The Frack
MP3 5. Is It Too Late
MP3 6. The Reckoning
MP3 7. Survivor
MP3 8. The Wall