CSP Records is a premier record label featuring the greatest Louisiana Swamp Pop, Blue Eyed Soul and Texas Roadhouse Blues music. Recently CSP added Denmark's finest songs of Blues, Soul, Rock, R&B from some of the top Danish artists.

Founded in 1975 by Baton Rouge Louisiana musician Jimmy Rogers, the label is based in Sunnyvale, Texas. CSP Records artist roster features
The Vibe, Nina Massara, Don Morgan, Janet Ryan, Van Broussard, Crosscut, Wayne Foret, Kane Glaze, Gary T., Calling For Eden, Daydream Sleepshaker, Miss Marcy and others.

CSP releases have been featured in Billboard magazine, the Dallas Morning News, Rhythm City and other publications.

Janet RyanBlink of a Eye
.Wayne Foret>Nina MassaraVan BroussardMiss MarcyThe Message Is Clear

Pure Swamp Pop Gold Vol. 5Miss MarcyPrentice James

MP3 All My Heroes Are Gone
- Prentice James & The Outlaws

MP3 All My Kisses - Janet Ryan

MP3 All That I Ever Need - Nina Massara

MP3 Already Gone - Ryan Foret

MP3 Am I Lying To Myself - Jerry Sartain

MP3 Americanjun - Kane Glaze

MP3 An Irish Girl - Ray Weaver

MP3 Angels Don't Fly - Gary T

MP3 Answer (The) - Crosscut

MP3 Appreciate Me - Janet Ryan

MP3 Baby's Gonna Leave - Janet Ryan

MP3 Back to the Beat - Calling For Eden

MP3 Beautiful Lady - Calling For Eden

MP3 Beggin' You Please - Ryan Foret

MP3 Big Easy - Jes Holtso and
Morten Wittrock Band

MP3 Big Easy - Nina Massara

MP3 Black And Blue - The Vibe

MP3 Blackwater Bayou - Jerry Sartain

MP3 Blink of an Eye - Jes Hotso &
Morten Wittrock Band

MP3 Breathe - Shea Michaels & Co.

MP3 Cajun Man - Crosscut

MP3 Can I Hit It - Crosscut

MP3 C-A-S-H (That's What Mama Wants)
- Miss Marcy

MP3 Cock-A-Doodle Do - Miss Marcy

MP3 Cold Day In Hell
- Prentice James & The Outlaws

MP3 Colder & Wiser - Jason Ashley

MP3 Cold Shoulder - Van Broussard

MP3 Come With Me - Miss Marcy

MP3 Cool Your Engine - Janet Ryan

MP3 Count On You - Crosscut

MP3 Country Road - Prentice James & The Outlaws

MP3 Crazy - Nina Massara

MP3 Deep Ellum Blues - Miss Marcy

MP3 Destination Anywhere - Crosscut

MP3 Destination Anywhere - Janet Ryan

MP3 Diamonds To Shame - Crosscut

MP3 Doin' The Swamp Pop - Wayne Foret

MP3 Don't Mind The Weather - Crosscut

MP3 Do Lord - Jerry Sartain

MP3 Drive Drive Drive - Nina Massara

MP3 Easy to Neglect - Calling For Eden

MP3 End - Yolie

MP3 Everybody Everyone - Calling For Eden

MP3 Everybody Wants To Know - Jerry Sartain

MP3 Everything's Gonna Be Alright - Van & Grace

MP3 Family Secrets - Jerry Sartain

MP3 First To Say Goodbye - Crosscut

MP3 First To Say Goodbye - Janet Ryan

MP3 Full Grown Woman - Nina Massara

MP3 Ga De Don Ga De Don Gardez Donc - Rod Bernard

MP3 Get in Line - Calling For Eden

MP3 Good Morning - Calling For Eden

MP3 Got To Have You - Chaz Marie

MP3 Guitar Wine - Prentice James & The Outlaws

MP3 Hand To Hold - Prentice James & The Outlaws

MP3 Happy Anniversary - Jerry Sartain

MP3 He Burned That Bridge - Janet Ryan

MP3 He Don't Know He's In Love - Sarah Millimet

MP3 Here To Stay - Crosscut

MP3 Honey - Lei Moe featuring Troels Lyby

MP3 Hope I See You Again
- Prentice James & The Outlaws

MP3 House In San Antonio
- Prentice James & The Outlaws

MP3 How Daddy Became To Be
- Prentice James & The Outlaws

MP3 Howlin' - The Vibe

MP3 Hurricane Watch - Rod Bernard

MP3 I Don't Wanna Go - Janet Ryan

MP3 I Don't Wanna To Go - Jerry Sartain

MP3 I Lose Again - Don Morgan

MP3 I Pray Every Night - Wayne Foret

MP3 I Tried So Hard - Wayne Foret

MP3 I Want You - Miss Marcy

MP3 I Was Wrong - Calling For Eden

MP3 I Will - Crosscut

MP3 I'll Fly Away- Jerry Sartain

MP3 I Wouldn't Do That To You - Crosscut

MP3 I'm Gonna Miss You - Miss Marcy

MP3 Impossible To Resist - Nina Massara

MP3 It's Gone - Kane Glaze

MP3 Learn To Let It Go - Crosscut

MP3 Learn To Let It Go - Janet Ryan

MP3 Left Here Behind
- Prentice James & The Outlaws

MP3 Let Love Find Me - Crosscut

MP3 Let Me Dream - Yolie

MP3 Live Outside Yourself - Shea Michaels & Co

MP3 Look For The Light - Janet Ryan

MP3 Louisiana Bound - Crosscut

MP3 Louisiana (That's What Cajuns Do) - Gary T

MP3 Love Has Left the Building - Janet Ryan

MP3 Move On - Miss Marcy

MP3 Mr Sandcrab - Shea Michaels & Co

MP3 Mr. Misery - Crosscut

MP3 Mr. Misery- Janet Ryan

MP3 Neon Eyes - The Vibe

MP3 Never Been Good At Goodbye - Jerry Sartain

MP3 No Good News - Janet Ryan

MP3 Nothing Left To Lose But The Blues - Crosscut

MP3 OC Blues - Miss Marcy

MP3 One More Man (Let Me Down) - Miss Marcy

MP3 Out Of My Heart and Out Of My Head - Crosscut

MP3 Pain In My Past - Jerry Sartain

MP3 Red Wine - The Vibe

MP3 Redneck Power - Don Morgan

MP3 Restraining Order - Miss Marcy

MP3 Same Old Song- Prentice James & The Outlaws

MP3 Say Goodbye - Janet Ryan

MP3 She Burned That Bridge - Crosscut

MP3 Shelly Ann - Prentice James & The Outlaws

MP3 Show Me A Sign - Crosscut

MP3 Since You Left Me - Gary T

MP3 Slow Dance - Kane Glaze

MP3 So This Is Christmas - Jerry Sartain

MP3 Something New - Nina Massara

MP3 Stand By Your Man - Miss Marcy

MP3 Sugar Daddy - Miss Marcy

MP3 SugarBrown - Miss Marcy

MP3 Sweet Dream Christmas - Kane Glaze

MP3 The Sounds - Calling For Eden

MP3 Take Your Shoes Off - Janet Ryan

MP3 Texas Toast - Miss Marcy

MP3 The Fantasy Is Over - Jerry Sartain

MP3 This Heart of Mine - Crosscut

MP3 This Heart of Mine - Janet Ryan

MP3 Tired of Talking - Janet Ryan

MP3 Two People In Love
- Jerry Sartain and Rhonda Vincent

MP3 Two Rights Don't Make It Wrong - Crosscut

MP3 Waiting For Tomorrow - Crosscut

MP3 Waiting for Something New - Calling For Eden

MP3 Watch Me - Nina Massara

MP3 What I Like Best - Janet Ryan

MP3 What Was I Thinking - Crosscut

MP3 What Was I Thinking - Janet Ryan

MP3 Whiplash - Daydream Sleepshaker

MP3 Whiskey and Cocaine - Miss Marcy

MP3 Why Do I Do - Calling For Eden

MP3 Why'd You Hurt Me - Crosscut

MP3 Will The Circle Be Unbroken The - Jerry Sartain

MP3 Winifrey Jones - Jerry Sartain

MP3 Won't Let Go - Lei Moe featuring
Allan Mortensen

MP3 You Ain't Up To It - Nina Massara

MP3 You Got My Man - Miss Marcy

MP3 You Make Me Do Things - Miss Marcy

MP3 You'll Hurt Me All Over Again - Grace Broussard

MP3 You're Showing All The Signs - Ron Millet