Our Instrumentals Catalog features Pop, Jazz, Lounge, Dance, Rock, R&B, Orchestral and much more. Our tracks make a perfect fit for your Film, TV or Advertising project.

MP3 322 Pearl Avenue (Up Tempo Swing)

MP3 Alien Probe (‘50s Space Rock)

MP3 All My Life (Smooth Jazz / Lou Rawls)

MP3 A Night To Remember (Romantic Ballad)

MP3 Amnesia (Up Tempo Swing)

MP3 Angels Dance (Orchestral / Romantic / Drama)

MP3 Another Man’s Plight (Eclectic World Rhythms)

MP3 Atlantic City’s Got It (Jazz Swing / Louie Prima)

MP3 Big City Beat (East meets West / Orchestral)

MP3 Big Moment (The) (Awards Show Theme)

MP3 Big Show (The) (Orchestra / TV Theme)

MP3 Birds Are Singing (Jazz / Kenny G Style)

MP3 Blue Too (Slow, Smokey Jazz Ballad)

MP3 Bolero Moon (Jazz / Latin)

MP3 Born Again (Orchestral / Epic / Drama)

MP3 Buddy's Blues (Melodic Laid back Cocktail Jazz ala Dave

MP3 But First (Medium Uptempo / Louie Prima)

MP3 Café Italiano (Italian Bistro / Café / Romantic)

MP3 Can I Keep You (Pop / Ballad / Disney)

MP3 Can’t Get Down (R&B / James Brown Style)

MP3 Can’t Go Back Home (Pop / Ballad)

MP3 Cartoon Madness (Whimsy / Looney Tunes)

MP3 Chi Chi Cha Cha (Ballroom / Cha Cha)

MP3 Chi Chi Moon (Romantic Ballad / Cocktail Party)

MP3 Chicks 4 Chi Chi (Up Tempo Swing)

MP3 Chinatown (Mystical music)

MP3 Cocktails For Three (Jazz / Piano / Lounge)

MP3 Common Tone Bossa (Romantic / Bossa Nova)

MP3 Conflict (Orchestral / Drama / Suspense)

MP3 Country Somethin’ (Old Style Nashville)

MP3 Cyber Affair (Love From Space)

MP3 Did You Take Me By Surprise (Jazz / Romantic Ballad)

MP3 Departed (The) (End of time / sad / mellow)

MP3 Desdemona (Good Morning / Wakeup)

MP3 Doggie Fashion (R&B / Dance Beat)

MP3 Domino’s Bounce (Jitterbug / Swing)

MP3 Down At The Monkey (Up Tempo Swing / Louis Jordan)

MP3 Dreambeau (Pop / Groovy / Dreamy)

MP3 Dreams of You ('50s / '60s Lounge / Dreamy)

MP3 Dribbles (Sports / Rock / Orchestral)

MP3 Drop Dead (Jazzy / Minor Key)

MP3 Eclipso (Latin / Jazz / Bossa Nova)

MP3 Fast Suspense (Orchestral / Drama / Suspense)

MP3 Final Lap (Sports / Dramatic / Orchestral)

MP3 Five Point Lead (Sports / Action / Orchestral)

MP3 Florence In Spring (Italian Festival / Brass Band)

MP3 Florence In Spring #2 (Italian Festival / Brass Band)

MP3 For A Song (Country / Pop)

MP3 Fun Rag (Rag Time / Honky Tonk)

MP3 Get In Line (Dance/Conga)

MP3 Get Out Of My Way (Jazz / Quartet)

MP3 Gold You Seek (Excerpts) (Industrial meets Orchestral)

MP3 Gold You Seek (Excerpts) (Industrial meets Orchestral)

MP3 Gold You Seek (Excerpts) (Industrial meets Orchestral)

MP3 Got Me A Woman (Nasty Rock & Roll)

MP3 Gyrate (Jazz / Funk / Sexy)

MP3 Happy Shoes (R&B Soul Dance)

MP3 Helen’s Cha Cha (Cha Cha / Ballroom)

MP3 Hog Creek Blues (Funky R&B)

MP3 Hot Blue Panties (Funky R&B)

MP3 How 'Bout a Lift (Funky R&B)

MP3 I Don’t Need Your Love (R&B / Soul)

MP3 Inflatable You (Slow, Smokey Ballad)

MP3 I Remember Hugh Masekela (Pop Jazz)

MP3 Just Be Koz (Jazz / Romantic)

MP3 Let’s Do Chi Chi (New Orleans Swamp Groove)

MP3 Late Night Special (Sax lead with attitude)

MP3 Laying It Down (Beat Driven / Swagger)

MP3 Let’s Go Chiefs (Arena Rock / Sports)

MP3 Lines Are Drawn (Sports / Orchestral / Dramatic)

MP3 Live From New York City (TV Theme / Live TV Show)

MP3 Long Mile (Smokey Soulful Mid-Tempo Jazz ala Miles Davis)

MP3 Lost In Carolina (Country / Steel Guitar)

MP3 Love Attack (New Orleans R&B / Rock)

MP3 Mambo Jumbo (Latin / Salsa)

MP3 Mean Nasty Things (Rock / Heavy)

MP3 Miami Salsa (Dance / Salsa)

MP3 Mister Muckle (Medium Swing)

MP3 Monkey Around (1950s R&B / Ray Charles Style)

MP3 Mother Road (Theme / Travel Music)

MP3 Musical Balloons (Music Box / Nostalgic)

MP3 My Winter Song (Heavy Rock / Incubus)

MP3 New York Serenade (Nitey night lullaby / Relax)

MP3 No Time To Burn (Blues / Smokin’ Guitar Rock)

MP3 Oblivion (Pop / Rock / Juvenile)

MP3 Ocean Deep (Orchestral / Epic / Suspense)

MP3 Oh What A Day (Smooth Latin Jazz)

MP3 Only For Her Love (Jazz / Pop)

MP3 Only Spring (Jazz / Pop)

MP3 Organic (Jazz / Soul / Memphis)

MP3 Our Little World (Jazz / Sexy)

MP3 Paper Thin (Dance / Rock / Party)

MP3 Parade of Stars (Orchestral)

MP3 Perfect Lounge (Lounge / Piano Bar)

MP3 Plains (Modern Jazz / Cinematic)

MP3 Playing With Fire (1970s Rock / The Who Style)

MP3 Polar Sharks (Sports / Team Promo)

MP3 R and B Groove (Funky Groove Thing)

MP3 Rasta Mon (Island / Reggae)

MP3 Red (New Orleans Groove)

MP3 Redneck Riviera (Country Dance)

MP3 Rilly Silly Polka March (Goofy / Tuba)

MP3 River (The) (Indian / Slow / Mystic)

MP3 Road Trippin’ (Pop / Freewheeling / Bass Loop)

MP3 Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowgirl (Western Swing)

MP3 Russian Folks (Russian Folk Song)

MP3 Salsa Party (Dance / Salsa)

MP3 Satin Drawl (Jazz / Bossa Nova)

MP3 Shake That Thing (Jazz / Peggy Lee Style)

MP3 Shaken Not Stirred (Jazz / Lionel Hampton Style)

MP3 Since You’re Gone (AC Pop / Smooth Jazz)

MP3 Skyscraper (Dramatic string build)

MP3 Slap Shot (Funky / Sports groove)

MP3 Slow Burn (Surf Rock - Ballad)

MP3 Snatch Happy (Up Tempo Swing / Fats Waller Style)

MP3 Spanish Night (Jazz / Latin)

MP3 Stan Gets Lost (Jazz /Bossa Nova)

MP3 Starlight Dancing (Cha Cha / Big Band / Romantic)

MP3 Stone And Ivy (Orchestral / Pomp and Circumstance)

MP3 Strange Lights/Western Sky (Eclectic World Rhythms)

MP3 Summer Drive (Sax lead, retro-feel)

MP3 Surfin’ With Les (Surf Rock / Uptempo)

MP3 Surrender (Jazz / Pop / Romantic)

MP3 Sway (Eclectic World Rhythms)

MP3 Take The Bus (Ragtime)

MP3 Taylor Made (Up Tempo Swing)

MP3 Texas Toast (Jazz / Blues)

MP3 The Latin King (Latin Jazz)

MP3 There Is A Place Beyond (Pop Jazz)

MP3 Things Are Looking Up (Acoustic Rock / Country Joe)

MP3 Two Miles (Jazz / Romantic / Bossa Nova)

MP3 Uncle Jazzbo (Jazz Swing / Louie Jordan)

MP3 Underground Lullaby (Sea / Relaxing / Oceans)

MP3 Uni Bossa (Jazz / Bossa Nova)

MP3 USS Constitution (Orchestral / Drama / Action)

MP3 Very Barry (‘70s / Barry White Style)

MP3 Waltz In A Box (Music Box / Nostalgic)

MP3 We Are The Chiefs (Arena Rock / Sports)

MP3 Weather Or Not (Jazz / Funky)

MP3 Westwood Intro (Orchestral)

MP3 When It Rains (Jazz / Romantic)

MP3 When Lovers Get Lonely (Jazz / Romantic / Sax)

MP3 When Lovers Get Lonely (Jazz / Romantic / Trumpet)

MP3 Where Has The Love Gone ('70s Dance / Disco / Barry White's
Love Unlimited Orchestra)

MP3 Whistling Wind (Pop / Rock / Edgy)

MP3 White Cotton Panties (Elvis ‘50s Rock)

MP3 Wind of The Spirit (Airy, mid tempo, piano)

MP3 Won’t You Be (Pop / Reggae / Techno)

MP3 Wooden Monkey (R&B / Groovy / Horns)

MP3 You Know That I Miss You (Smooth Romantic Jazz)