NALANI AND SARINA - "The Circle" (Pop)


Nalani & Sarina, identical twins sisters from New Jersey, have developed a distinctive blend of traditional soul-rock and modern pop likely to keep their faces in the spotlight for years to come. Nalani & Sarina's smart, kinetic live shows, whether as a duo or with their band, have made the sisters favorites on the Northeastern club scene.

Their most recent album, The Circle, is being digitally distributed worldwide by Kobalt/AWAL Music. Legendary music critic/SiriusXM radio host Dave Marsh has called their material "a splendid melding of 'classic' and contemporary styles" and "some of the best music being made today." In the review of the album's first single, Young & Inexperienced, raved "Like other great songwriters, Nalani and Sarina are channeling the emotions of their era." In the review of their album, praised Nalani & Sarina as "one of the best new musical acts to come out of NJ in a long time. (I) believe that Nalani & Sarina are a voice for their generation.

MP3 Pretty Lies

MP3 Young and Inexperienced

MP3 Runaway

MP3 Never Let Go Of Your Hand

MP3 Love Who You Want

MP3 Balloons

MP3 Shadows In The Shade

MP3 We'll Be Free

"To see and hear them now, it's hard to believe they might not always be this cute and fresh, but listen to their music a bit closer and you'll realize they won't have to be."

Dave Marsh, Celebrated Music Critic/Author/
SiriusXM Radio Host

"Nalani & Sarina combine for songs that are as forthright and upbeat as they are sonically organic and pristine, with echoes of their classic influences in every nook."

Mike Greenblatt,
The Aquarian Weekly

"Like other great songwriters, Nalani and Sarina are channeling the emotions of their era."

Thom Duffy, Billboard

"Not altogether pop, not quite the soul of yesteryear, and not quite the typical singer-songwriter archetype, it's difficult to place the sisters in any one genre, but that's what makes them so listenable: There's a little something for everyone."

Allie Volpe, Philadelphia Daily News