THE VOLUMES - "I Love You" (R&B / Doo Wop)

The Volumes

The Volumes was an R&B vocal quintet from Detroit, Michigan that became famous during the early 1960s. They are best known for the upbeat, Latin-influenced doo-wop smash, "I Love You" (1962), an oldies classic that showcases lead singer Eddie Union's soaring and soulful falsetto vocals and the group's close-knit harmonies.

Formed in 1960 while the members were all still in high school, the lineup consisted of tenors Elijah Davis and Larry Wright, baritone Joe Travillion, bass singer Ernest Newsom, and lead singer Eddie Union. While performing in Canada in 1961, the quintet was discovered by Willie Ewing who became their manager and signed them to his label, Chex Records.

I Love You” debuted on the Pop charts in ’62 and became a Billboard Top 40 hit (June 2, 1962).

This smash was followed by "Come Back Into My Heart" (1962), “Dreams” (1962), "The Bells" (1963), and "I Cried For Your Love" (1964), the latter of which became a top regional hit in the Detroit area. Other songs for which The Volumes are well known include the non-charting "Hello Operator” “Roly Poly” and “I Wanna Be Your Man”.

In 1979, The VolumesI Love You” was featured in the soundtrack of the coming-of-age Feature Film "The Wanderers”.

MP3 1. I Love You

MP3 2. Dreams

MP3 3. Hello Operator

MP3 4. The Bells

MP3 5. Come Back Into My Heart

MP3 6. I Cried For Your Love

MP3 7. I Wanna Be Your Man

MP3 8. Miss Silhouette

MP3 9. Roly Poly

MP3 10. County Jail

MP3 11. You Got A Spell On Me